About us

We provide comprehensive services in the field of logistics chain organization. We cover the territory of Poland, other European countries and Turkey. Our staff consists of specialists in the logistics industry with many years of experience gained during cooperation with the world’s largest representatives of the TFL sector. We offer our clients solutions that improve the distribution of goods both in B2B and B2C. We guarantee reliability and professionalism. We make every effort to ensure that the logistics services we provide are cost-optimized and fulfill a specific, targeted business goal.

Quality policy

We believe that cooperation based on credibility and trust is a guarantee of success in business. That is why we act so that our company is perceived as the best partner on the market.

Reliability, innovation, accurate and factual analysis of each order ensured us long-term relationships with existing contractors and the title of one of the most professional logistics operators in the industry.

Market analysis

In order to be able to provide better and better solutions, it is necessary to constantly expand knowledge about logistics processes and all aspects related to them. That is why we constantly follow the latest trends in logistics and then implement them in our company.

The current market analysis also allows us to improve risk assessment systems and optimize the distribution of capital, thanks to which we are a stable and financially responsible partner.


We invest in our staff, because thanks to our employees the company has been called a professional business partner. We are constantly striving to expand the competence of the entire team through a system of training and internal audits.

We improve internal processes because we are aware that only an efficient, well-managed and well-functioning company can fulfill all obligations and be a trustworthy partner..

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We are aware of the impact of our company’s operations on the environment. Every day we strive to reduce the nuisance of our operations to the natural environment, therefore:

  • We make sure that the company complies with all laws regulating the impact of the TSL industry on environmental protection.
  • We monitor our suppliers in terms of meeting the conditions set by environmental standards.
  • We develop environmental awareness in the entire company, because care for the natural environment is a duty of every modern company.


We want to be your business partner nowadays, that’s why we always serve our knowledge and experience.

Our specialists are at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We will be honored if you trust us.

You are Welcome!

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    Start working with our company and check out how your transport costs decrease with each subsequent service ordered from us!